turntable.fm 2.0.3

DJ and chat on the go


  • Manage your queue, chat, and DJ
  • Tons of music rooms to listen to
  • Large library of music to choose from
  • Log in with Facebook or Twitter


  • Can't chat and see the DJ room at the same time
  • Can't join private rooms

Very good

turntable.fm lets you listen to user deejayed rooms, chat, and vote on songs.

turntable.fm takes music stream apps like Pandora and Last.fm and adds social elements. Like on the web, users can enter rooms of different genres to deejay or listen to others deejay. There is a democracy within the room and songs that get "lamed" will be skipped. DJs earn points by getting more "awesomes" and can unlock avatars with more points.

The mobile version of turntable.fm is a great application that provides most of the features found on the turntable.fm website. You can DJ, manage your queue, and chat. Unfortunately, you can't join private rooms or change your avatar within the app.

Performance of the turntable.fm application for iOS is good. The app is very stable and navigating between the room and menu items is snappy. You can browse by popular rooms, rooms that have DJ spots open, and your favorite rooms for quick access. One feature that we would like to see is the ability to chat while still viewing the room.

Overall, turntable.fm has created an iPhone experience faithful to the turntable.fm website with only a few issues and features to be addressed.



turntable.fm 2.0.3

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